This is a 'Patient ONLY' area accessed using a unique User and Web ID.

After successfully logging in, you can access...

FUTURE APPOINTMENT details (dates, times, procedures)

advise that you want to CHANGE AN APPOINTMENT

current treatment PAYMENT PLAN DETAILS

complete PAYMENT HISTORY (up to 3 years)

CHANGE PERSONAL DETAILS (new address, phone etc)

ON-LINE PAYMENT using your credit card

If you are currently a patient of Lupton Stewart Orthodontics and want to access this service contact the practice to obtain your login details. Your USER and WEBID details are also shown at the bottom of every appointment card. YOU MUST ALSO HAVE A FUTURE APPOINTMENT TO USE THIS ONLINE SERVICE

NOTE: Appointment and payment details currently update every 3 hours. There may therefore be a short delay before a recent change displays


Web ID

By accessing this On-Line service you acknowledge an understanding of the Practice Privacy Policy (PPP) found here. As outlined in the PPP, your computer's unique IP address may be collected during certain on-line activities for the purposes of tracking internet fraudulent activities. This IP address is not used for any purpose other than in the event of a security breach audit and NOT made available to any third party.

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